The Stolen Treasure

The Stolen Treasure walkthrough
By Removable Head

1. Go to the near side of the crate in front of you and to the right of the exit door, and see a triangle shape with 52 in it.


Turn left (notice that the lights over a table are off), go beyond the table on the right and click on a shield shape with 66 in it on the wall


Then go to the door to the second room on the left of view and click on a hexagon shape with 39 on it on top of the door.


Click on a panel in the middle of the door to see you have to multiply, then add, pairs of the numbers.
Zoom in on a padlock holding the door shut, turn the padlock dials until you can read the answer (3471) to the sum you just did, take off the padlock


Go through the door, open the right bottom door of a dresser in front of you and pick up a grid


2. Backup into the first room, turn left to face a mermaid in a cabinet, click to the right, head to a panel (with a cross in the corner) on the wall, place the grid over it and see the number 73


Then turn left, head for a painting above a mantelpiece, place the grid over another panel (with a checkerboard in the corner) under the left side of the painting and see the number 26.


Then click on a wheel to the right of view, zoom in on a locking panel with cross and checkerboard patterns, key in the two numbers (7326), hit enter, turn the wheel to open a hatch and pick up a pair of pliers on some pipes
3. Go back to the dresser in the second room and click to the right to see another wall hatch. Click to the left of the hatch to see some wire, use the pliers to break it and pick up a ruler from inside the hatch


4. Switch the circuit breaker labelled ‘west’ on and if you go back to the first room, you’ll see that the lights over the table are on (so now you know which way is west), then turn the other three circuit breakers to on and pick up the wire from the floor under the hatch


5. Back in the first room, face the mermaid again then click on the right side of the right cabinet (with a crown inside) to see a hatch. Use the pliers to bend the wire, then use the wire to unlock the hatch and pick up a set square with sharp edges


6. Go back to the hatch with the pipes (where you found the pliers), zoom in on the pipes and use the ruler to pick up a screwdriver


7. Facing the mermaid again, click on the left side of the left cabinet, use the screwdriver to take out some screws holding a hatch in place and pick up an envelope



8. Use the set square to cut open the envelope and pick up a piece of paper


9. Read the story on one side of the paper, then flip it and use the set square to cut holes in it.


Go to the table and zoom in on a newspaper. Look at a picture of a crown, top right, then place the piece of paper over the left side of the newspaper to see four letters: C, R, O, W, N.


Go to the right cabinet again, open a hatch in the front to reveal a lock, key in NWORC, hit enter, open the glass part of the cabinet, lift up the crown inside and pick up a key


10. Go back to the dresser in the second room, use the key to open its glass doors and zoom in on a wine glass on the left of the middle shelf.
Move the glass aside and zoom in on a piece of paper with a picture of a key and the letters NE, W, SW, E, all compass points.


Go back to the left cabinet in the first room, zoom in on a hatch in the front, flip the blade of the screwdriver use it to remove the hatch and reveal another lock with eight buttons in a circle. Remembering that west is on your right and therefore north is downwards, press the buttons at the compass points you just found: bottom left, right, top right, left. Then lift up the glass part of the cabinet and click twice to pick up a jewelled key



11. Turn left, go to the picture above the mantelpiece, remove the bottom right corner of the frame and reveal a keyhole, and use the key to unlock it. Open the painting as if its a door to reveal a safe and zoom in on the inside of the door to see three numbers: 2 on top, 1 in the middle, 3 on the bottom. Replace the jewelled key where you found it to ensure a good ending !!!



Then go to the table, click under the nearest chair and see these numbers: 31231, which translates as bottom, middle, top, bottom, middle.


Go back to the dresser in the second room, zoom in on the lock on the left drawer and move its sliders according to the clue you just found: first down, third up and fourth down. Then move the sixth slider to ‘open’ to open the drawer and pick up a light bulb

12. Insert the bulb in the light above the right side of the mermaid cabinet, then zoom in on three sums now lit up on the right front of the glass part of the cabinet. Work out the sums (60, 300, 150) and divide each by 30, then go back to the safe behind the painting, turn its dials to the answers (2, 10, 5), open the safe and pick up a swipe card



13. Turn left to face the exit door, click on the right bottom corner to zoom in on the rug, use the ruler to lift the right corner of the rug and pick up a piece of string


14. Go to the sink in the second room, move aside the drain cover, attach the string to the wire and use it to fish out another key


15. Go back to the exit door, use the key to open a hatch on the right of it to reveal the door lock mechanism, and pick up a green plastic key


16. Turn left and go to a painting between the table and the door to the second room. Zoom in on a swipe mechanism (which says ‘touch’) and use the swipe card to make a security lock appear in the wall to its right.


Use the green key in this lock and press ‘off’ to turn off the alarm on the mermaid cabinet. Go to the mermaid cabinet and click on its left side to see its lock and press the ‘open’ button, then zoom in on the mermaid’s face and pick up its right (your left) eye – the blue gem you’re meant to be stealing


17. Go back to the painting with the security lock underneath it and zoom in on a note saying something about ‘blue light’ to the left of the swipe mechanism.
Place the blue gem over the painting to see the letters GMPC, then flip the swipe card to see a letter grid and work out where these letters appear.


Then go to the table, click on the near corner to see a number grid underneath, zoom in and work out which numbers match the letters on the two grids. , then go to the lock next to the exit door, key I. The answer to the grid puzzle (5884), open the door and escape !



Good end !